The following are the archives and libraries that we are consulting in the creation of the CNBH project. The physical location of the institution is provided, along with any particular information you might need to know when requesting any records for consultation.

Arnprior & Mcnab/Braeside Archives

Collecting the history of the Arnprior and McNab-Braeside area. The archive features a searchable online catalogue on their website. In order to request an item, provide the archivist with as much information as possible as the call number isn’t always included in the catalogue entry.

Carleton University Library

The main collection used for our project; see our about Carleton’s library page for more details.

City of Ottawa Archives

Collecting records about the historical City of Ottawa and Bytown, as well as the areas that have since been annexed and amalgamated over time. Currently not searchable online, but the new building is easily accessible by car and by public transportation.

Library and Archives Canada

The Archives are searchable on the online catalogue, and there are also printed resources available in the Research Room although those ceased to be updated sometime in the 1990s. When ordering items online, make sure to follow the guidelines based on the kind of archival material you need.

Ottawa Jewish Archives

Preserves the history of Ottawa’s Jewish community, including both business-related fonds and the personal and professional documents of business people.

Ottawa Public Library’s Ottawa Room

A non-circulating collection about Ottawa’s history. You can visit the Room yourself, or search for items using the OPL catalogue although you cannot search specifically for the Ottawa Room.

University of Ottawa’s Archives

The University of Ottawa’s archives has a focus on women’s history, that includes a focus on business. Finding aids are available on the website.


If there is a collection that you think would be of interest to us, please leave us a comment so we can investigate it!

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