Welcome to the blog for the Carleton Network for Business History

Welcome to the blog for the Carleton Network for Business History.

My name is Sanna GuĂ©rin, and I’m the summer intern for the CNBH. At present, I have completed the first year of my Masters in Public History at Carleton, and am looking forward to resuming my studies in the fall. Part of my duties for the summer is to update this blog to keep you apprised of our progress as well as to share with you the discoveries we’re making about the diverse resources available to researchers interested in business history.

Why business history?

Ottawa is commonly known as the Washington of the North (or the Westminister of the Wilderness), but it has also been known as the Pittsburgh of the North. Industry and business has built this city as much as its identity as the nation’s capital, from the lumber mills that dominated the Chaudiere, to the shops that emerged to serve the city’s workforce, to the high technology that transformed parts of the city in the latter part of the twentieth century. By understanding the role of business and industry in the community, we can provide a better insight into how Ottawa developed to be the city it is today.

What is the CNBH?

We’re a collaborative project of the Carleton University Archives and Research Collections and the Sprott School of Business, with support from the Carleton Centre for Public History. Our purpose is twofold: 1) to encourage the teaching and practice of business history, with a particular focus on the Ottawa region (including the former municipalities now within the boundaries of Ottawa), the Ottawa Valley, the Rideau Valley, and the Pontiac; and 2) to establish a collection of resources and archival materials to support business history-related teaching and research by Carleton faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, and visiting researchers.

What might I expect from the CNBH?

During our first year, we are collating information about Ottawa’s business history in order to facilitate research for our users. By canvassing local institutions such as the Ottawa City Archives, the Ottawa Jewish Archives, Library and Archives Canada as well as the resources of the Carleton University Library, the University of Ottawa Library, and the Ottawa Public Library, we will provide researchers with the ability to focus their research through our database.

How can I learn more?

Follow us on Twitter @CNBH_Ottawa to hear about our updates, and if there is a resource you know that exists, comment on our blog so that we can follow up on it for future updates.